Art Classes

We believe that teaching is an art in itself. Klavdia Bogolyubova is one of the few people who has mastered not only art, but the art of teaching it.
Klavdia Bogolyubova  was awarded the highest teaching award given by the Artistic
Council of the city of Odessa in 2002. Additionally she has appeared on Odessa TV
news channel as well as National TV Ukraine.
A highly sought-after Art teacher Klavdia Bogolyubova has been teaching over thirty
years in Art Schools and is the founder of “Bogolyubova Art Studio”.
Among Klavdia Bogolyubova’s personal prizes include “Best Teacher of the Year
Award” in Odessa, Ukraine and “Best Teacher of En Plein Air” at Small Montmarte of
Bitola, Macedonia.
For the third time in a row she has been the only teacher from the Ukraine invited to
participate in World Children Festival in Washington DC.
Klavdia Bogolyubov’a students won prizes at International Art Competitions in
Portugal, Macedonia, USA, Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Finland, Japan, China,
Poland and Czech Republic.